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The future of Catalan cork depends on extracting performance from corks

The Catalan cork it has great acceptance for the manufacture of natural corks and more and more wineries value local products. It also occurs in the case of crushed cork due to its caliber and good performance.

According to the Forestry Consortium of Catalonia, the prospects are very good and the bioeconomy of corks must be reactivated. The initial investments to put a cork into production are high and the return is long term, if not 30 years ago on average. While it is true that you also need to carry out successive maintenance on the corks, their profitability with good management is possible. Therefore, it is necessary to make an active policy to recover its productive potential.

Evolution of cork purchase prices 

7 years ago cork prices remain stable and on an upward trend, a hitherto unpublished milestone that speaks of the sector's good prospects.

This stable upward trend is explained by theincreased demand and competition that exists between the different cork operators during the purchase period in the forest. It also positively influences the improvement in the treatment and classification of the different classes of cork to adapt the product offered to the needs of each company.

price evolution

(Source: Quality Super)

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