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A short peel campaign with less extracted cork volume

The cork peeling campaign 2021 is marked by uncertainty despite the fact that according to information provided by Forestry Consortium of Catalonia everything predicts that will be shorter than the previous year due to the drought caused by the lack of rain and the forecast of a summer with high temperatures.

too the drop in cork volume is estimated drawn from the lack of rain in both winter and spring. On the other hand, cork prices are maintained in relation to the previous campaign, both for quality cork and waste cork.

On a positive note, it is necessary to highlight the decrease in the affects of the Lymantria dispar, popularly known as “the hairy cork caterpillar”; a pest that critically affects the growth of oaks and corks, limits the possibility of peeling the affected corks and reduces the quality of the cork that can be extracted from them in the future.