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UNE meeting at ENOMAQ

Last February 28, within the Enomaq Fair in Zaragoza, the last meeting was held on Technical Subcommittee for Standardization on cork attached to ONE, official Spanish standardization body.

The subcommittee  is made up of wineries, cork manufacturing companies, associations and technology centers corkage experts. theCatalan Institute of Cork coordinates this subcommittee and the last approved rules are those referring to microagglomerated corks for still wines (UNE 56933:2019) and the update of the rule of determination and measurement of TCA (UNE 56930:2017). Work is currently underway to update the standard for natural cork stoppers for still wines.

Institut Català del Suro offers advice free for the interpretation of these rules

On the other hand, Spanish standardization also has delegation to international committees ISO, and one of the last approved international standards has been the ISO 633 vocabulary standard, where defines the cork stopper such as one that has more than one 65% of cork.

Normalization is important because it provides a standardized work framework between wineries, cork manufacturing companies, capping companies, laboratories, among others.

In this sense, it should be noted that the other types of caps that are not cork, are not standardized nor is there a generally accepted reference for its correct operation.