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Present at a successful 7th Tap and Cork Fair

The Institut Català del Suro Foundation has supported the Tap and Cork Fair of Cassà de la Selva which organizes thetown hall of the municipality, patron of the foundation.

the president Joan J. Puig and the director Albert Hereu were present on Saturday at the opening of the event, which was attended by the Minister for Research and Universities Joaquim Nadal. They also attended the reception of cork businessmen and women, where Joan J. Puig thanked the council for the attention they pay to the cork industry on behalf of the sector and gave the councilor a gift.

Tap de Finca tasting

On Sunday, Albert Hereu also participated on behalf of ICSuro in a wine tasting with Finca Cap talking about cork and the project that gives it its name together with sommelier Laura Masramon.


Throughout the fair, information related to the bioeconomy project could be consulted at the City Council's stand FUTURECORK which coordinates the ICSuro.